1. Why do links to pages on this site no longer work?
    Through my own experience, things have been much easier by dynamically loading data. However, as I am not too sure that the host of this site has mod_rewrite enabled, I cannot make any corrections to the new URLs. The main thing is that this site has been coded with a new backend.
  2. What happened to the media content?
    Due to the fact that this site was recently recoded, much of the content was lost. This is one of the things that I will get back up, when nothing preoccupies me.
  3. What happened to all of the anime listings?
    In order to make it easier to transition to the new backend, much content has been left out. This content will be restore, when possible, but if you wish, I have a wiki with a few anime listings located here (Only I can edit the wiki, as I disabled anonymous editing and the ability to create accounts), which I plan to add to the site. Much of the information on that wiki has or will be brought over to this site.
  4. Are you looking for staff?
    Nope, I am not looking for any help at this moment, and probably never will.
  5. Can I affiliate with your site?
    The current changes will make it a bit easier for me to affiliate with various sites. I may be willing to accept a few.
  6. What browsers or operating do you support?
    I support Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Ubuntu 8.04, and possibly Ubuntu 10.04. Windows Vista will not be supported. As for browsers, I support Chrome, Firefox/Camino, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported and the site is not tested in Opera.
  7. This looks horrible on my <insert device name>.
    This site is designed for a computer screen, Android, and iPhone. Please switch to one of those devices.